Find your $5 Vancouver Lunch

West Point Grey

Agora Cafe

Agora Cafe is a student-run cafe that’s located on the bottom of the Macmillian (Land & Food Systems building) at UBC. All items are vegetarian, some vegan–and the produce is all picked fresh from the UBC farm.

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Gold Train Express

$5 Items: Near Misses <$10: Small pho $5.50 Fast Facts: Cash only Take any bus from UBC along 10th and be there in 10 mins (ie. 99, 9, 84, etc)

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Sun Sushi

$5 Items: Various rolls and cones $2-$5 Crab miso soup $1 Clam miso soup $3.50 Near Misses <$10: 18 piece sushi special $5.95 Vege teriyaki box $5.95 10 piece combo A sushi $6.10 18 piece combo B sushi $6.50 Fast …

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Chow Blog Vancouver

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