Find your $5 Vancouver Lunch


Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches

Not a hidden gem amongst the richmond locals. This place is famous for its big portions at cheap prices.

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Fukuroku Sushi Express

Fast sushi to eat in or take out. Some Items under $5: Assorted Sushi (12 pcs); Tuna roll, Salmon Roll, Cucumber Roll $3.50 Tako Yaki (Octopus Balls) 4pcs $3.00 Teryaki Beef on Rice $3.75 Yakisoba Noodle $3.75 Chicken Karaage $3.95 …

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Ikea Restaurant

Ikea serves up good food at ridiculously cheap prices. Most of the food is below $5

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Late night specials where 95% of the meal is under $5.

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Michigan Noodle House

Bang for the buck chinese food. Not good location or ambiance, but you fully get what you pay for.

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O’Tray Noodle

O’Tray Noodles isa food court vendor located at the President plaza in Richmond. The Tian Jin Wrap (egg like crepe wrap) is extrememly declious. It’s best tasting when complimented with the No.2 Soft Tofu Soup ( as the owner recommended …

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Pajos Fish & Chips

Although this joint is most known for its Fish & Chips–the hotdogs, burgers and chowder are also phenomenal

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