Find your $5 Vancouver Lunch

Mt Pleasant

Argo Café

$5 Items: Beef burger $4.75 BLT $4.75 Egg salad sandwich $4.25 Grilled cheese $4.50 Tuna salad sandwich $4.75 Near Misses

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Bonchaz Bakery Cafe

$5 Items: Roast beef sandwich $4.95. Ham and cheese sandwich $4.95. The vegan sandwich $4.95. Ham, cheddar, and egg slider $3.95. Bacon and brie slider $3.95. Side of soup on any sandwich $1.95. Near Misses <$10: Turkey breast sandwich $5.95 …

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Budgies Burritos

$5 Items: Taco $3.25 For Children 12 and Under: Rice, bean & cheese burrito $3.50 Cheese Quesadilla $3.50 Add side of beans $2, Side of rice $2 , Side of potatoes $2 Near Misses: Tortilla soup $5.50 10” Mr.Jones burrito …

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Cafe Tica

Lunch Special – $7.00 includes a full sandwich and a bowl of soup. Breakfast Sandwiches – $ 4.85

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Congee Noodle House

$5 Items: 7 different types of congee $5 Plain congee $2.25 Add a fresh egg to congee $0.65 8 different types of noodle soup $4-$5 Near Misses <$10: Many different types of congee $5.25-$7 Many different types of noodle soup …

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Empress Bakery

Vietnamese Sandwich & Deli Shop on Kingsway & Mt.Pleasent. Popular among locals and mostly known for serving up (perhaps) the cheapest Bahn Mi available in Vancouver.

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