Find your $5 Vancouver Lunch



$5 Items: Chilli Gobi (Deep fried cauliflower florets in soya garlic sauce) $5.00 Jack Fruit Pakora:  (Chopped and mixed jack fruit with potatoes in a spicy batter served with ginger chutney) $5.00 Near Misses <$10: Lunch Buffet: $9.95.

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Breakfast egg pocket (two options: 1. egg, spinach, red peppers, mushrooms and goat cheese; 2. egg, bacon, cheddar, tomatoes). Plus a coffee (more like an Americano) for all under $5 including tax.

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Go Fish Ocean Emporium

$5 Items: Additional piece of cod w/o chip $5 Near Misses <$10: Tacones for 2 $9

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Hakata Sushi Japanese Restaurant

$5 Items: Several different banh mi (Vietnamese sub) $2.85

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