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About Chowmenow

C Eat O Aden Klein was on a life-long (not a very long life to date) mission, to find $5 lunches. Aden is a tall lanky guy with a hollow leg who constantly needs filling. But the contents of the wallet slung in his back pocket didn’t match the need for inexpensive good, filling food!
Wandering aimlessly through various neighborhoods looking for lunch just made Aden hungrier and one day, standing on the corner, an idea started to bubble. On his mission to find his lunch the idea came to a rolling boil! All he could think of was, “I need chow now!”

Yes, there are lots of sites dedicated to finding restaurants (you know who they are), but there isn’t one on a mission to find a decent lunch for five bucks.

Chowmenow was created, blended, and baked to provide anyone on a mission to eat on the cheap, a resource that is handy, fast, and fun.

We invite you to join the five-buck lunch and let us know your favorite finds. Good or bad, please share!

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